Advisory and Consulting

Wisdom & Direction shall be attained by wise counsel.

Relationships are built upon the sharing and the evolution of a life cycle.   Our Mission is to teach and help those who desire our assistance.    We can never claim to have all the right solutions, but without uncertainty we absolutely know resolution will never come without proactive discussion, communication, wise counsel, and action.


First….Let’s Talk.

             Second….Document the issue at hand.

                           Third….What is the Goal?

                                       Fourth….TOGETHER we develop your plan.

After years of experience in the accounting profession, it has become obvious nearly 50% of the job is not merely analysis of dollar signs, not spreadsheets, not data entry, not graphs, not filing and organizing…….

                         But instead an honest look into the eyes of our client and a handshake.

                  “You should talk with your sister, its time for your mother to be admitted to a Long-term Care facility.”

                  “Try, the both of you, to meet at a restaurant away from home, and talk about your Will.”

                  “Absolutely, the numbers easily indicate a profit, however you’re 50, do you have the fire?”

                  “No, I said last year, you’re going to owe a lot if you take this route, what about your staff!?”

                  “I agree, it feels wasteful, but the bank will want a history of financial statements.”

                  “Let me know what you think, I’ll ask a few of my other clients in the similar situation.”

                  “I recommend this, but here is a phone number of the attorney who can help us, let’s call him.”

                  “Excellent job!  Yes, I think you can. “

Comfort and ease of mind comes from a plan that works best, through persistent and consistent counsel, by evaluating the integrity of your financial record and procedures, and by working together producing strategies that help you face the myriad of challenges of your business and life. 

What does it mean to have a   CPA   on your team?